Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I think I left this place about 4 days ago in Arkansas! Actually, it's a different Iron Horse in Stockton, Califfornia. Phil's sign isn't quite this nice
This is where Don VSP and I had dinner last night. It was dark when we came out, the full moon was beautiful through the Palm trees. The food was good, it was a fun place.
I passed MANY trucks like this today. This one is hauling tomatoes. Some were loaded with apples, other with other produce. This was on I-5 somewhere around Sacramento.
Unusual sight! Very little snow on Mount Shasta! Big Foot and all the Crystal people must be having a hard time hiding!
I missed the California sign yesterday morning. On I-40, it's right in the middle of the Colorado River near Needles. This is the last State sign for this trip! I'm home.........
Emigrant Lake near Ashland. Over 50 years ago, I used to go here with my brother in the summer time, there was a flat track on the dry lake bed where he used to race his motorcycle. I was a numbered AMA rider that raced at several tracked around Oregon in the early 50's.
The Rogue Valley near Medford used to have hundreds of acres of pear orchards like this one. Most have been replaced with shopping centers or houses now.
The leaves are starting to turn on Beacon Hill near Grants Pass, Oregon.
I stopped in Dillard to buy some fresh garden stuff to take home. This is where they have the famous Oregon riding lawnmower races during the summer.
I passed a lot of nice leaves on the way home today. More than I saw in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine!
The Coos River, just a couple miles from town.
Welcome to Coos Bay!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I took this somewhere in Oklahoma on Sunday. I'm posting now from a Flying J in Holbrook, Arizona. It's been a good day, almost ran out of gas, but am settled in safe and sound for the night. Here's all the pictures since I left ES up until tonight. I still have a couple of days at least before getting home.
I passed one of these back in Indiana (I think). But, since this ones in Texas, I'm sure it bigger.
I felt like riding down to the Canyon, popping up the Kwik Kamp and staying awhile...Actually I thought about it for about 5 seconds, and decided I'd been on the road long enough!
One of my usual stops, but didn't stop today. This is the home of the 72 oz. steak. Eat one in an hour and it's free! I tried it years ago...didn't come close.
The National Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in Amarillo.
Uncle Sam, Chevrolet, and Apple pie! Texas has it all.
The skyline of Amarillo, Texas.
There are 10 Cadilacs burried in this field just West of Amarillo, TX....happines is Texas in my Reaf view mirror!
Made it to the Chili state!
The sky had been clear almost all day. Just now starting to see some clouds!
I-40 is FULL of nice bulletin boards...miles and miles of advertising.
Some bright Fall flowers at Clines Corners. I took a bunch pics here, it was hard to decide which one to post.
Clines corners is sort of out in the middle on no where. I like to stop here and peruse the gift shop and get something to drink.
I'm getting smarter. I saw rain hitting the ground out of the clouds down the highway...stopped here to suit up.. it was a good thing, heavy thundershowers from here all the way to Albuquerque.
I think my nicname should be "drought breaker". This has been one WET trip! Should be better starting tomorrow.
When it rains it pours!
The moon comes up over a tatoo shop right across from my motel last night. I'm right on old Route 66.
Sun set over the Travelodge in Albuquerque, NM. A powerful sky, that dropped a lot of water on me today!
Only 5 more miles and I'll be out of New Mexico. Lots of rain yesterday, but it's been perfect today. Was 45 degrees when I went over the Continental Divide. I didn't stop this time for the usual picture...
These signs start about 3 miles from the Arizona border...Left over from the old Route 66, but freshly painted this year.
Back to the blue skys and red rocks of Arizona.
I almost always stop at the Chief Yellowhorse shop here on the Arizona/New Mexico border. Usually don't buy anything.
Another gift shop. No Zuni inlays. It's late in the season, they are very low on stock.
A kachina is flying over the truck stop plaze just East of Holbrook, Arizona.
The famous Wigwam Motel on Route 66. This is only a block or so from Jack Foree's Body Shop. I could just kick mysef for not taking a picture of him at work today. I had a nice visit, but was in a hurry to get back on the road. Missed seeing Barbara, but we'll sort of be neighbors this winter!
Geronimo used to live in this "Condo on the Hill"
One of my favorite places to buy "stuff". I stopped on my never ending search of old Zuni inlay watch bands. They are almost imposible to fine now. Lots of the modern stuff, but they have lost most of the craftsman that used to make them
The grapes along the driveway are all done for the summer. There was a good crop this year. This is where we'll be spending the winter this year.
This is the place on Van Nuys street in Kingman where we plan to "Winter Over " this year. Probably move in around the end of October or early November.